1. Choose a gift card

    Browse over 100 brands on Fuzzie and select the gift card value you would like to buy.

  2. Confirm your cashback amount

    Every gift card value will feature the cashback amount you will receive.

  3. Checkout and get instant cashback

    Pay with your credit card or Fuzzie credits. Your cashback will be credited instantly into your Fuzzie account after purchase. Use your cashback for your next purchase or cash it out.

  4. Redeem your gift card

    For online stores, enter the promo code sent to you on the merchant site. For physical stores, let the staff enter a pin on your phone and you are done!

Over 100 awesome brands

Dining, fashion, food delivery, home furnishing, spa, staycations, entertainment. Pick what you like.


We work hard to give you the highest cashback rates in Singapore. Use your cashback right away to purchase anything on Fuzzie or cash it out right to your bank. Get even more cashback when the brand Powers Up, which is marked by a lightning icon.

Stack it up and get more

  • Maybank
  • ntuc
  • UOB
  • OCBC Bank
Combine with in-store promos and discounts offered by merchants

Fuzzie gift cards are like cash and can be used to buy anything sold in the merchants’ stores including sale items.

Combine with credit card rewards and other cashback programmes

Boost your cashback even more with credit cards and other rewards programmes on Fuzzie (coming soon)


The Smartest Gift You’ll Ever Buy

The Fuzzie Card gives you credits to buy anything on Fuzzie. It’s fun, beautiful and insanely rewarding. Fuzzie credits are valid for 2 years rolling.

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