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  • What is the Fuzzie Club?

    The Fuzzie Club is a premium membership that provides members with exclusive privileges from a wide range of merchants from dining, entertainment, groceries and beauty to wellness, healthcare, kids, enrichment and more.

  • How does it work?

    You need to get invited by someone to access the Fuzzie Club app and view all the available privileges. To start using your privileges, you need to activate your account by paying an activation fee and monthly maintenance fees. Redemption for the privileges are easy and you can find instructions to do so on every privilege.

  • Who can access the Fuzzie Club?

    The Fuzzie Club is an exclusive club meant primarily for corporate employees and invited guests. You can access the Club if you have a referral or invite code.

  • How can I get my company to offer Fuzzie Club to its employees?

    We'll be happy to speak with your company HR or management. Write to our friendly team at and we'll get in touch with you to coordinate.

  • My company would like to offer the Fuzzie Club as a staff benefit. How will this work and how much will it cost?

    It is great that you are looking out for the welfare of your employees and we will be delighted to further boost that for you. We work closely with many companies to effectively engage and excite their employees on the Fuzzie Club programme. Many companies have also reported to enjoy savings on their flex claims as Fuzzie lowers the costs for eligible services through our generous subsidises with partners.

    Fuzzie works on top of all your existing benefits (think of it as a welfare booster pack) and you can roll it out within a day. We will provide all the marketing materials, email templates and co-branded assets to make it really easy for you to announce to your staff and look good too! For larger companies, we will provide a complimentary online video session to help employees activate their memberships on the spot.

    We have various models of working together and offer bulk volume pricing. Reach out to us at and we will be happy to share more.

  • Which countries are the Fuzzie Club available in?

    The Fuzzie Club is available only in Singapore for now.

  • My company has an existing employee benefit programme for GP, dental and hospitalisation. Do I need to replace it with Fuzzie?

    Fuzzie works synergistically with all your existing programmes without any disruption. Think of Fuzzie as a wonderful booster pack to further enhance your employee benefits. We can help to fill in the gaps. For example, if your employee programme does not support core dental or dental cosmetics, your employees can use our dental privileges to enjoy substantial discounts on both fronts. Similarly, if your programme does not support employee dependents, they can use Fuzzie to extend healthcare subsidies for their family, including parents and their maids too!

  • Does Fuzzie offer insurance benefits and manage employee medical or flexi claims?

    We currently do not provide those services. Think of us as a welfare booster pack with lots of amazing employee benefits. Having said that, we'll be happy to recommend our partners who do provide those services.


Subscription & Renewal

  • How much does your membership cost?

    For individual accounts, subscription includes an annual activation fee of $99.90, excluding GST and credit card charges.

    For corporate accounts, the pricing is based on the company's usage profile to optimise savings for you and we will provide you with a quotation. Talk to us!

  • When I subscribe for the Fuzzie club annual pass, is that by calendar year or one year from the date subscribed?

    If you are purchasing within the app, the period of coverage will be for one year from the date you subscribed. If you are purchasing via an external channel, for example a corporate purchase, the duration of your pass will be based on what has been pre-agreed prior to your purchase.

  • What are the payment methods you accept?

    Directly on the app, we accept Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards.

    For corporate purchases, you will be invoiced outside of the app and you can choose to pay either via Mastercard or Visa credit and debit cards, PayNow or regular bank transfer as advised on your invoice.

  • How do you secure your payments in the app?

    We use Stripe as our payment gateway provider. They are one of the most secured providers in the world processing for millions of merchants. All credit card credentials are encrypted and managed securely by them.

  • I'm a corporate customer and have paid my invoice for the membership coverage for my company. What is the next step for me to provide the membership benefits to my staff?

    After you have made payment, your Fuzzie representative will contact you and provide you with your membership codes and easy guide for activation. In the first month, we will provide you with a report on the activation rate and which codes have not yet been activated so that you can follow up with the relevant staff to remind them to activate their accounts. For companies that have a staff strength of 15 employees and above, you can request for a 15 minute virtual onboarding session with us where we will introduce your staff to the Fuzzie benefits and carry out a mass activation on the spot for all the attendees as well as help address any questions they may have.

  • I'm a corporate customer and I have new employees joining and some employees leaving every month. How will my billing be done?

    We have various billing options. Generally, we do billing once a year. For new employees joining, we will prorate the fees and add these to the next year billing cycle. For employees leaving, you have the option to cancel their account and transfer to new employees. There are no additional charges for transfer of accounts. However, no refunds will be given for cancellations.

    For easy account management, renewal for all employees in your company will be on the same date.

  • I'm a corporate customer and understand that Fuzzie is an exclusive club with limited slots available. How will this affect my ability to renew next year and offer this membership to my new employees?

    Corporate members will always be given the priority to renew each year and we will guarantee placements for all your employees. However, should you pause or skip your annual renewal, your priority pass will be given to another company and we will not be able to guarantee a placement for you should you wish to re-enter in the future due to our quota limits.

  • Why does Fuzzie have a quota limit and does not open the Club to everyone who wishes to subscribe instead?

    We control the total intake of members to ensure that we are able to provide a great quality experience for you and create a healthy ecosystem where our merchant partners are comfortable to serve everyone to the best of their abilities. We are selective on who can join to ensure a harmonious environment for all to enjoy.

  • Can I use my Fuzzie credits in the app for paying the subscription fees?

    For individual accounts, yes you can. If there are sufficient credits in your account during the monthly billing, our system will deduct from your credits instead of charging your credit or debit card saved with us.

    For corporate accounts, this option will not be applicable for you.

  • Does the membership renew automatically?

    For consumers, your membership renews automatically. You can cancel your membership anytime by writing to us at

    For corporate clients, there is no auto-renewal. If you would like to continue with the membership for another year for your employees, we will invoice you separately based on the price quoted.

  • How can I cancel my membership?

    For individuals, you can cancel your membership at any time by writing in to us at and we will stop billing you for the next cycle. We can help you to get a refund within the first month of the renewal if you had not yet made any purchase or redemption. As Fuzzie is an exclusive Club, we will be unable to re-accept a new account request from you in the future whether via purchase or gift received to provide the opportunity for new users and we will not be able to accept any appeals on this as well.

    For corporate clients, you can write to your agent or and we will not invoice you for the next cycle. As Fuzzie is an exclusive Club, your priority pass for entry to Fuzzie will be given to another company and we cannot guarantee availability for you should you wish to re-enter the Club in the future.

  • I forgot to cancel my membership before it auto-renewed. Can I get a refund?

    For individual accounts, we can help you to get a refund within the first month of the renewal if you had not yet made any purchase or redemption. Simply write to us at to get help. As Fuzzie is an exclusive Club, we will be unable to re-accept a new account request from you in the future whether via purchase or gift received to provide the opportunity for new users and we will not be able to accept any appeals on this as well.

    For corporate accounts, there is no auto-renewal available.

  • Can I re-apply for the Fuzzie membership after cancellation?

    For individual accounts, as Fuzzie is an exclusive Club, we will be unable to re-accept a new account request from you in the future whether via purchase or gift received to provide the opportunity for new members and we will not be able to accept any appeals on this as well.

    For corporate accounts, re-entry will be based on a case by case basis subject to quota availability.

  • I have a promo code that will waive off my monthly fees. How does that work?

    When you apply your promo code during the purchase of your Club membership, a pop up will be shown to confirm the waiver duration you will enjoy. Simply complete the checkout after you apply your code and the monthly charges will be paused for that duration.

  • Do all my Privileges refresh when I renew my annual membership?

    Yes, all your Privileges will be refreshed and you can use them all again, including the free gifts, when you renew your annual Fuzzie Club membership.

Promo & Activation Codes

Friend Referral

Fuzzie Credits

Gift Cards and Vouchers

  • How do I redeem my gift cards and vouchers?

    If you are redeeming a brick & mortar brand, press the Redeem button on your gift card/voucher when you are at the merchant store and present your phone screen to the staff to verify.

    If you are redeeming an online brand, press the Redeem button to obtain your unique code. Copy and paste the code either on the merchant's promo code section during checkout or on their Gift Card section. Follow the instructions given on your gift card/voucher.

  • Can I get a refund for the Gift Cards and Vouchers bought?

    Gift cards/Vouchers sold are final and we are not able to refund if you change your mind. We will help you if you face any issues redeeming your purchase. Drop us an email at if you need help.

  • Must I use my Gift Cards/Vouchers purchased right away?

    Your gift cards/vouchers are valid for a period of time and you can use them anytime during this period. You can check the validity period of the item in its T&Cs section.

  • Why is there a countdown timer shown after I choose to redeem my Gift Cards/Vouchers for online brands?

    Users have given us feedback that they were finding it increasingly difficult to separate their used gift cards/vouchers from the unused ones as they purchased more and more items. We have devised the countdown system to automatically separate out the used cards, making it easier for you to manage all your cards.

  • Can I still use my code on the merchant site after the countdown?

    Yes, you can. The countdown only moves the card to the "Used" section of your Wallet. Your code will still be active (as long as it is within its validity period) and you can still redeem it on the merchant site. You can retrieve your code at any time by marking your card as "Unused".

  • How long is the countdown for redeeming online brands?

    The countdown timer is set at a standard 60 minutes from the moment you press the Redeem button and approve redemption. The countdown will not commence if you do not approve redemption. You can redeem your gift card/voucher anytime during its validity period.

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